Sixth Grade School Procedures:

·            Respect your Cubby.
·            This is your space to keep your personal school supplies.
·            Be responsible by keeping your cubby neat and organized.
·            Visit your cubby 
1.     Before Homeroom
2.     Before and After Special Area
                        3.  Before & After Lunch
                        4.  At the end of the day

Entering the Classroom & Walking in the Halls:
·            Be responsible and always WALK in the hallways
·            Be respectful and use a quiet voice
·            Stay to the right and go directly to your destination
·            Bring all the materials you will need for the class/day
·            Line up in your designated spots – Library on the left

·            Bring your Planner with you to each class
·            It is your responsibility to write down homework & reminders every day

Pencils & other Writing Supplies:
·            It is your responsibility to bring 2 pencils to each class
·            Pencils may be sharpened during homeroom and at the end of the day ONLY
·            There is NO SHARPENING pencils during the day
·            If you need a sharpened pencil “Give 1 to get 1”
·             You leave your unsharpened pencil in the “Needs to be Sharpened” cup and take one from the “Sharpened Pencils” cup

Classroom Library Books:
·            Be respectful of all school materials, especially books
·            Have a book on you at all times – Read, Read, Read
·            Be sure to return books from the section you found them in

·            Be respectful of the other people who share the bathrooms
·            It is your responsibility to keep them as you found them in
·            You must sign out & sign in
·            Only one student at a time
·            You may not go to the bathroom while the teacher is giving instruction.

·            Chairs must be pushed in when you leave the room or get up to work in another area
·            Four on the Floor (all 4 legs of your chair need to remain on the floor – No tilting!!

·            If you choose to get breakfast it is your responsibility to remember to stop first thing in the morning on your way past the cafeteria.
·            There will be a trashcan in the cluster specifically for the breakfast trash

·            Healthy snacks are best! No Gum (unless nurse gives permission) Mints allowed
·            Only eat during designated times determined by your teacher

·            It is your responsibility to order your lunch each day when you enter the room
·            Don’t switch your order
·            Place your clothespin in the basket that matches your lunch choice
·            Walk in one quiet and respectful line to and from the cafeteria
Electronic Devices:
·            Use of personal Electronic devices is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
·            The 1st time a student is caught with an electronic device it will be taken and held at the office.  A parent will need to pick it up.
*(Cell phones are to be kept OFF and in backpacks.  If they are seen out, the phone will be placed in the office for parent pickup)

Whole Body Listening:
            Eyes – are watching
            Ears – are listening
            Mouth – is silent
            Hands – are folded
            Feet – are still

Always remember to be respectful, be responsible, and when life gets tough, persevere through those obstacles. When you are willing to work hard and persevere you can break through the barriers that would keep you from achieving your goals! Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. We learn most when we are willing to fail. Set your goals high, and don’t ever forget: If you can dream it, then you can achieve it!

                                                                        6th Grade Team

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