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Fun with Abby and Risa ...

Fun with my dogs on Columbus Day! :)

A little bit about me:

The 2015-2016 school year is my 11th year teaching.  I've had the privilege of working my entire career at WFE.  I began the first 4 years in 1st grade, then jumped up to 5th for 3 years and now have been at 6th for 4 years.  This summer has been a very special as Mr. Trumble (who taught at WFE) and I got married in August. We had an amazing vacation in Aruba mid August.  It has been a busy and memorable summer! 
My pride and joy are my two lovely American Eskimos, Risa and Abby.

Risa loves to sit on the arm of my couch and chew her bone!  Risa was the first dog I've ever owned and it was love at first sight! She is three years old and is a protector of her home.  A little set in her ways ~ she absolutely hates the rain! Even though she is hesitant around new people, when she warms up to you she doesn't let you stop petting her! Risa loves to give hugs when her favorite visitors come by! 

This is Abby!  She would fetch her soccer ball all day long if she could!  She is two years old and loves to give kisses.  Abby is a 'talker' and tries to out-bark her sister when the mail man or neighbor dogs walk by! She is so sweet and likes to wade in the water at National Parks we visit.  Abby loves to curl up next to me on the couch when she eventually wears out from all her running after her soccer ball! 


Math isn't just a subject that you have to learn in school.  It's my hope that you will begin to see how math exists in the world around you in many different ways.  If you don't believe me, check out the picture book, Math Curse.

Math is everywhere.  Even my dogs do math by watching me for patterns.  For example, when I get out our travel bag, they know that we are going on a car ride somewhere fun! When I put sneakers on and grabs leashes ... they know we are all going for a walk.

Whether math has always come easy to you, or not, it is my goal that you will develop an appreciation for it.  Math is more than arriving at a right answer.  It's about the process, and the problem solving abilities that you develop along the way.  Math skills are an important stepping stone in your future endeavors, whatever they might be.

Check out these cool videos!
Nature by Numbers
Maths is everywhere

Click the video below ~ and learn from his mistake!
When not knowing Math can cost you $15,000

Of the 10 year's I've been teaching, I've been an intermediate math teacher for 6 years.  I've always loved math and it's my goal to help students grow to appreciate math and it's use in everyday life.

...Some Fun Math Pictures and Cartoons...

Remember to always show your work!

I love teaching ELA and experiencing great literature and writing moments with students!  It is my hope that in our year together we will be learning and growing together and allowing literature we create and read influence ourselves for the better.

I always loved reading growing up, but not so much writing.  I can relate to anyone who's ever struggled to get thoughts down on paper.  But with practice, I began to realize how writing is a chance to share ideas, thoughts, passions and pieces of ourselves with others.

As a younger kid, I loved reading series! I liked to read all kinds of mysteries because I loved being on the cliffhangers and trying to figure out the mystery before the main characters.  One of my favorite fantasy series is The Chronicles of Narnia!
I read The Chronicles multiple times, especially to refresh my memory before viewing the three movies they've created based on C.S. Lewis' adventures.

I will always say that the book is 1,000xs better than the movie version - but sometimes, seeing movies motivates us to read the books.  That is the case for the Harry Potter series.  Even though I've seen all the movies, I had never read the books until this summer. Now I've read the first two!

Right now I'm currently reading: The Scorch Trials
I've also come to appreciate historical fiction, poetry and  non-fiction as well!   One of my goals this year is to share rich literature with you from a variety of genres so you can continue to grow to become a successful life-long reader.

Abby, Risa and I hanging out in my parent's back yard

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